Our Team
Gary Lloyd
Gary Lloyd and John Wang Started Green Organic Vegetables Inc. in 2000. Mr. Lloyd brings more than 30 years experience in the produce Industry.Over the years, he had observed that organic produce was limited by several critical problems: inconsistent supply, inconsistent price and quality. Mr. Lloyd believes that by freezing organic vegetables he will provide a more nutritious product, at a consistent price, without supply interruptions.


John Wong John Wang is in fresh produce business for the last 25 years. His long-term goal of continuous success, dedication, and excellent customer relations has made him the leading distributor of oriental fresh and frozen products in Canada. John was graduated from the University of Agricultural Sciences at Henan Agriculture University, master degree in agriculture.

In 1980, John has formed Canadian based company started with fresh oriental produce and soon became the leading supplier with major food chains in Canada and USA. After this tremendous success in fresh produce, this entrepreneur put his mind to work on healthy organic vegetables and that is the turning point in today’s food market.
John Wong